About Nash Bridges

Nash Bridges is a celebrated veteran police officer and head of the SIU department of the San Francisco police.. With his best friend and partner for life Joe Dominguez, and his loyal crew of law enforcement, they're the best of the best in taking down the crime that plagues the city. From powerful people of immense wealth right on down to scum at the bottom of the ladder, Bridges will take them down in his lifelong devotion to the law. But aside from his professional exploits, he's a divorced single father with a young adult daughter ahead of her time, a father whose attitude refuses to confine himself to a nursing home, and relationships that never quite solidify because of his career.




  • Title: Nash Bridges
  • IMDb ID: 115285
  • Genre: Action :: Crime :: Mystery
  • Date Released: 29 March 1996
  • 6 seasons, 122 episodes
  • Production: Walt Disney Television
  • Distribution: Buena Vista Television


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